Jesus Will Come Again

Jesus will come again
Live your life free from sin
So that heav’n you will win
     When trumpets sound;
He will make all things right
In that sweet Land of Light
Where there will be no night
     Heavenward bound!


Jesus will meet us there
Evermore in the air
Where we’ll live free from care
     When trumpets sound;
Are you prepared my friend,
So much on this depends,
Set yourself for life’s end
     Heavenward bound!


Jesus will come someday
Come to take us away
To the unending day
     When trumpet sound;
We’ll meet Him in the sky
In the sweet by and  by
Where we will never die
     Heavenward bound!



Troublesome times have been
With us as long as sin
Jesus will come back when
God sends Him back;
We must walk in the Light,
Keeping the Goal in sight,
Trusting in His great might
What do you lack?


Tim Smith

[Note: The song “Jesus is Coming Soon” in not Scriptural. Tim Smith was asked to write Scriptural lyrics to the tune of this song. The result is above.]