The 28-minute church. That reminds me of the 10-minute oil change and one hour dry cleaning. Can you imagine it? This “church” really exists. The preacher believes that people are too busy for an hour service, so he has come up with the 28-minute service. A little singing, a little praying, possibly a little communion, a little giving and definitely a little preaching. It’s had rave reviews and he is now up to five services on Sunday. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it? But there’s a few problems with his format: Where’s the fellowship? And how about the fact that members are exposed for hours to ungodliness at work, school and from the media-how does he think 28 minutes is going to prepare anyone for that onslaught each week?

Brethren, I say we need more time for prayers, singing, study, fellowship and all the rest of the things that people need to be strong Christians NOT LESS! Our culture cries, “Give me less of what I need and more of what I crave.” The Lord said, “Don’t let the world squeeze you into its mold.” If had my way, every member of this congregation would attend every Bible class and assembly PLUS have home study, home training and family devotionals. We would also have quality time working and being together as a church family, not less. Is 28 minutes enough? I think not.

Author Unknown