A congregation was looking for a new preacher, and at a meeting they went over their candidates to see who would be the right man for the job. Here were their reasons for the selection they made:  

  1. Enoch was considered but dismissed because he just didn’t seem to die like the rest of us, and we think he couldn’t relate as well.
  2. Noah was selected but dismissed because he preached 120 years with no converts.
  3. Moses was considered but dismissed because he kept having problems with his congregation. They didn’t like him and neither did his preacher’s committee.
  4. Samuel was considered but rejected be-cause he was not progressive enough and wanted to remain behind the times, not listening to the voice of the people.  
  5. Daniel will not be picked because he rebelliously opened his window to pray to God against popular opinion. He might be too rambunctious and hotheaded.
  6. Micaiah is unacceptable because he always preaches negative things about people.
  7. John, the Baptizer, is too narrow minded.
  8. Peter is too zealous and made some mistakes in the past.
  9. Paul is a woman hater and is not married.
  10. But Judas Iscariot is just right. He always talks about how he cares for the poor, is good with money and responsible. Also, he respects tradition and keeps up with the changing times. Too, he knows how to make contacts with men in the community.

By unanimous decision Judas Iscariot will be selected as our new preacher!

Author Unknown