The Prophets and Exile - A Warned but Rebellious People - John Rose

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Summary: God had chosen Israel while they were yet unborn in Abraham. He chose them to be a holy nation unto Himself to show forth His glory in them. He redeemed them from the bondage of Egypt to serve Him as a peculiar people separate from injustice and defilement. Israel was given a holy priesthood to intercede for the people, to offer sacrifices before the Lord for the sake of the people of Jacob. But they came to love many strange gods which God had not commanded them. Israel forsook the Lord and His ways and took up the way of Baalim. God rose early in the morning and sent His holy prophets unto Israel to turn them – to restore them through warnings and pleadings. Israel would not hear the Lord but hardened their necks and walked in rebellion. God’s period of pleading and patience came to an end and Israel was exiled – the ten Northern Tribes to Assyria and Judah to Babylon. God still rises early and warns His people, the church, the Israel of God. Some will not heed the Divinely inspired pleadings and blindly continue as rebellious children. To these will come eternal exile from which they will never return.