The Return - A Saved and Glorified People - John Rose

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Summary: Through the prophet Jeremiah, God told Judah that they would remain in Babylonian captivity for seventy years, then He would bring them out and return them to their promised land. By the same prophet, God declared that if His people would serve the King of Babylon they would live and prosper in their land of exile. About three hundred years earlier at the dedication of the Temple; Solomon prayed for the people of Israel: if they be cast unto a foreign nation that God would hear their prayers, if they would be think themselves in that land and repent and turn unto God, that He would hear their cry and save them and glorify them again in their land of promise. Israel and Judah were cast into exile for their sins, but God gave the faithful hope that if they would endure and trust and obey God they would return to their home. Without fail God visited His people and gave them safe passage home to their longed for and much beloved home. Now under the Law of the Christ, God has given hope to the faithful who sojourn in the world. God will hear their prayer and keep them unto that longed for day. And more surely than that the sun will rise on the morrow, God will bring His people – the church –  home: the home so long sought after so eagerly awaited that they may hear those joyous words, “Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”