The Levitical System - A Priestly People - John Rose

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 Summary: The lesson begins with the days from Adam to Moses, there was no established centralized priesthood before God. Men such as Noah, Abraham, and Melchizedek each functioned as priest by the command of God. This system of patriarchal priests continued unto the Cross for the Gentile world. However, with the establishment of Israel as a theocratic nation, God established a peculiar priesthood for Israel – the Levitical Aaronic priesthood. This system had a high priest and a various number of priests fulfilling their duties under the oversight of the high priest. Unique to this priesthood was that all were to be descendants of Aaron (the first high priest), all were charged with offering sacrifice before God, and all were to be free of defilement or blemish. A new priesthood was established by God through the death, burial, and resurrection of the Christ. The Christ was ordained the ever living High Priest and His children and brethren as royal priests, and every priest is to render the personal sacrifices of service and life, and every priest is cleansed of blemish and defilement by the blood and mediation of the High Priest.