The Exodus - A Redeemed People - John Rose

Sermon outline provided by John Rose

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Summary: In the days of Abraham’s grandson, Jacob – whose name was changed to Israel; the fledgling people now called Israel, the house of Jacob, moved into Egypt. Jacob’s favored son Joseph had, many years earlier, been sold into slavery by his brothers and came to Egypt a slave. Through God’s providence Joseph attained to the governorship over Egypt and through his leadership the way was paved for Israel’s sojourn in Egypt. After Joseph’s death the children of Israel were bound in forced servitude under cruel taskmasters. In their agony, Israel cried out unto the God of Heaven and He remembered the covenant he had made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. To deliver His people from bondage, God sent Moses back to Egypt, from which he had fled in fear forty years earlier. In delivering His people, God brought ten plagues upon the rebellious land of Egypt. The last plague was the death of the firstborn. To stay the destroyer in the land of Goshen, the home of Israel in Egypt; the Passover lamb was sacrificed. The Passover laid the foundation for the further commandment of God to sanctify the firstborn, redeem the unclean, and sacrifice the clean. To establish the New Covenant, through the Christ; God once again sanctified the firstborn, redeemed the unclean, and sacrificed the clean.