What We Hear Today

From the same pulpits where brave and faithful men stood we are hearing:

  1. Salvation is by grace alone. There is nothing man can do toward his own salvation.
  2. Others are saying we are saved by faith alone.
  3. We are told that instrumental music is a matter of tradition or opinion.
  4. Pattern theology is to be rejected. We should be less rigid in our beliefs.
  5. The “old paths” mentality should be rejected.
  6. We should not believe we are the only true church.
  7. The Scriptures should not be used as proof texts.
  8. We need to give women a more prominent role in the church.
  9. Preachers are swapping pulpits with denominational pastors.
  10. Fellowship among all who believe in Christ should be practiced.

B.C. Carr