First Peter

From Peter to the Elect scattered abroad because of persecution –

Praise the Lord who has given us living hope by Christ’s resurrection.

We have an incorruptible inheritance that fadeth not away,

And the trial of our faith will be glorious in that day.

Although you have not seen Him, you believed what was told,

And received the end of your faith, the salvation of your soul.

While the Prophets have searched and the angels desired to see,

This glorious Good News was reserved for you and me.

We are born again of incorruptible seed by God’s living Word,

Who His son self bore our sins in His body as you heard.

And since He suffered for us in the flesh on the tree,

We should not think it strange when fiery trials we see.

I want to exhort the elders who are there among you,

For I have witnessed Christ’s sufferings and am an elder too,

That you feed the flock of God and take the oversight,

And when the Chief Shepherd shall appear He will make things right.


From The Bible in Verse: from Genesis to Revelation by B.C.Jennings, 1986.