The noblest man on earth is he who puts his hands cheerfully and proudly to honest labor and goes forth to conquer honor and worth. There is a dignity and glory to toil. The greatest names in history are of those who worked hard; no one who posterity delights to honor ever dreamed or idled his time away to gain game.

Labor is beautiful and the world has long since learned that men cannot be truly man without employment. We do not consider man noble because of his dress but because of his honor acquired through labor. It is the spirit back of the performance of the task that gives dignity and honor to the accomplishment. Through labor the very elements are brought under subjection and made to contribute to the good of other men.

The victories of labor are seen everywhere about us in the city or in the field. Labor makes the poor man’s heart rich with content and crown the weary head with honor, dignity and peace. Labor evokes and disciplines obedience, self-control, attention, application, and, perseverance gives a man a deftness and skill in his physical calling.

As in the material, so with things of the soul. Labor and toil are essential. Holy scripture bids us to “work out” our salvation and the master of toil bade His followers to strive not for the things that perish but for those that endure until life everlasting. In the realms of the spiritual the dignity of labor reaches its highest valuation. Through man’s toiling in obedience to the word of God, he can live such life as to receive the highest reward in heaven after this life is over.