A Fifty-year-old Decision

"People do not accidentally attend worship without missing one worship service for twenty years.  They must have planned always to attend.  Soon after I obeyed the gospel in the fall of 1909, I read of an old brother who had not missed going to worship a single Sunday in 41 years.  That story caused me to resolve and to purpose in my heart that I would never miss the worship on a single Lord's Day as long as I lived, if possible to attend.  I have missed four Sundays in over fifty years, and then it was because of illness.

Once I made that decision, the question has not come up as to whether I would attend church services or not.  In fact, I did not decide last Lord's Day to go to worship, nor the Sunday before.  That decision was made more than fifty years ago. 

“It is a sin for any member of the church to miss the worship unless he is unable to attend.  The very nature of our religion is such that those who feel this is a burden need to be converted."

 Gus Nichols