“Your Problem Is That You Are Just Unloving…”

Has anyone ever told you that? I have heard that a few times through the years, and things similar to it: “You are too negative,” “You need to be more concerned with the spirit of the law and less concerned with the letter of the law,” and more. Prior to finishing any article (this one included) I ask myself several questions about what I have written—Is it correct? Is it needed? Is it balanced? Are there two or more ways of seeing the issue considered? Have I proven my point clearly? Am I speaking the truth in love?

I love the Lord—first and foremost. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ. I love the lost—alien sinners and erring brethren. I love the liberals—they are lost, mistaken, misguided (sometimes), ignorant (sometimes), and even hypocritical, but I love them anyway. I hope to call to their attention the error of their way that they might repent before Jesus comes or they die; for, lacking such repentance, He will spew them out of His Mouth. Every line of this article, like them all, is written with love.

Is it unloving to point out the error of one’s way to him? Jesus did it. Paul did it. Peter did it. In fact, if you took out every book of the Bible that says something to us about the importance of living right and not living wrong, what would you have left? Not much. While it might be unpleasant to read of your sin, please stop accusing me (and others) of being unloving because we earnestly contend for the faith. If we did not love, we would not try to correct.

If what you read on these pages is wrong, prove it, and let me know; I do not wish to go to hell for teaching false doctrine. If what you read on these pages is right and proves that you are doing something that is wrong, repent—for judgment surely comes. If you are proven wrong and you still refuse to repent then you are the unloving one for Jesus said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.”

I remember an old saying about throwing a rock into a pack of dogs—which one barks first? Make sure that what you are doing is proper—it would be a shame to come so close to the truth only to miss heaven because of liberalism in whatever form. I do love Jesus. I do love you and long for your salvation. That is why I try to reach you with the truth.

Tim Smith