If You Had Died for the Sins of the World How Would You Feel?

  • When men took your name in vain?
  • When men damaged their bodies dabbling in sin instead of glorifying you as their savior in their bodies?
  • When men fussed and got angry among themselves in which you had established and thus brought reproach upon you?
  • When men chose to go somewhere else on the day which you had set aside for men to worship you?
  • When men refused to obey what you said they had to do to gain the benefit of your death?
  • When men did not appreciate your sacrifice enough to stay for the supper you had left as a memorial of it?
  • When men did not respect you enough to wear your name?
  • When men did not care whether their conduct caused anyone else to stumble?

Did you ever stop to think? The Son of God probably would think the same as you would about such thoughtless people.

Author Unknown