Does Bear Valley Bible Institute Care About Brad Harrub's Fellowship Issues? No!

Below is the opening section of a much larger two part piece in the Contending For The Faith revealing the types of “associations” Brad Harrub has when not visiting “your” congregation. We feel that this is important information for brethren who do not normally inform themselves with publications like CFTF and Defender, where error is exposed along with the truth being defended. Harrub is a well known and often used brother on lectureships, at workshops, and universities. He is not one that has been accused of teaching anything erroneous that I am  aware of, but this brother does not concern himself at all with the Biblical doctrine of fellowship. How shameful that so many will embrace someone who carelessly trots about with no discerning powers and finds himself in the laps of liberals, dancing to their tunes.

Recently it was called to our attention that Brad Harrub, PhD in anatomy and neurobiology from the College of Medicine at the UT, Memphis, TN, co-founder and Executive Director of Focus  Press, and co-editor of Think magazine, has teamed with the singing group “Acappella” of “Acappella Ministries” to present what is being billed as “Creation Science In Concert With Acappella.” The event will be held at the Helena Montana Civic Center. According to the brochure advertising the program, the “promoter” of the event is Rocky Mountain Christian Institute.

Dr. Harrub primarily addresses topics concerning Christian evidences. He regularly conducts weekend seminars advertised as “Truth About Origins” and has written extensively regarding the same. He also serves as an adjunct faculty member of Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver, CO. The singing group “Acappella” is advertised as “believing in the awesome versatility and flexibility of the human voice.” It is also billed as “the renowned vocal group” that can ... “fill a large concert hall with beautiful, intricate music without ever plucking a string or beating a drum.” They are also promoted as a group “with passion for God and hearts for music ministry.”

Their “ministry” accomplishes its “work through high energy concerts all of over the world.” The Rocky Mountain Christian Institute is an association of Churches and was formed in May of 1998 for the following purpose: To provide support materials, services, facilities and software for Christian Churches, Christian Schools, Christian Activities and Christian Individuals. 

Preceding the Helena Montana Civic Center event with Brad Harrub (9/20/13), Acappella will perform at the First United Methodist Church in Stanton, TX (9/11/13), and Abilene Christian University (9/15/13). Clearly bro. Harrub is in fellowship with Acappella and Acappella has no problem being in full fellowship with denominational churches. In view of the fact that Dr. Harrub is in fellowship with those who are not in fellowship with God, how can faithful members of the Lord’s church scripturally fellowship him?

[Editor’s note: Thanks to Johnny Oxendine for the opening paragraph above and for brother David Brown for the remainder of the article. It is high time for the church to wake up and recognize the God-given limits of fellowship.]