A Good Working Rule

Everybody needs a rule to work by, and here is a good one: The whole church— and the furtherance of Truth—is more important than one man or a few, and more important than one  congregation or a few. We are to preach the Word (II Timothy 4:2) and all of it (Acts 20:27), and in a spirit of love of Truth (II Thessalonians 2:10) and hatred for all false ways (Psalms 119:104, 128).    

To “let error pass” is to declare that one cares nothing for Truth, cares nothing for the souls of men, and cares not if souls are lost. No man calling himself a Gospel preacher can afford to be in that position. And, he cannot allow himself to be compromised in spirit and heart by letting some man or men stand between himself and the Truth. Our speaking and writing brethren around the world need to take these matters most seriously.

Bill Jackson