A Song Of Hope

He lives in my heart and guides me all along, 
He bathes me in Mercy and gives me a Song
In a world of darkness He's my Shining Light, 
When I'm out of strength, I then turn to His Might!!!

He is the Answer to the questions men ask, 
And though my strength fails, He is up to the task; 
When gloom o'ertakes me He Lighteth my Way, 
And His Light's brighter than this world's brightest day!

"This simply cannot be done," says learn'ed man, 
But filled with His Might I affirm that I can! 
What man cannot see he simply disavows, 
But there is more here than our wisdom allows!

If all men will but know His Wonderful Love 
Then all might enjoy His Bright Homeland Above! 
For He'll live in them and guide them all along, 
He'll bathe them in Mercy and give them a Song!

In darkness they stumble, hearts rotted within, 
Their steps ever trodding the paths of lost men… 
Their darkness dispelling He'll Bathe them in Light, 
He'll fix their ill hearts, and set their steps aright!

H. L. Gradowith