God’s Picture of the Church

The Bible vividly portrays the nature of the church in the various descriptive terms which are applied: 

  1. As a pearl, the church is costly. It is to be bought even at the expense of selling all that one has. 
  2. As a kingdom, it is obedient. We are to obey every wich of our King, the Lord. 
  3. As a house, it is orderly. Every stone is fitly joined together and everything is decent and in order. 
  4. As a rock, it is dependent. It must be fed the pure milk and meat of the Word. It must look to the great Shepherd. 
  5. As a bride, it is vitally joined to Him. It wears His name and is subject to Him in all things. 
  6. As a family, it bears His image. It resembles the Father and Elder Brother. 
  7. As a body, it is united. All members are needed and work together in harmony. 
  8. As a candlestick, it is exalted. It is the light of the world, reflecting Christ so that all can see Him.

Author Unknown