Did My Neighbor...

See that 1 do not make time for Sunday Bible study? 

See that I only give the Lord Sunday mornings, but spend the Sunday evening worship time for my own pleasures? 

See that I absent myself from the assembly when guests come into my home, and thus I put men before God? 

Hear from my lips speech that is impure, and unbecoming any child of God? 

See me and my family cavort around the community in a state of undress, as if the Bible had nothing to say about modesty? 

See that I have done little to train up my children in the way of the Lord, and that I have exercised very little discipline in the home? 

See that I completely ignore the work of the church when Wednesday evenings roll around? 

See that when the church has meetings, Family Bible Schools, etc., that I show very, very little interest in such? 

Then I know some reasons why my friends and neighbors have not shown interest in the truth, and why they may never be converted! 

Bill Jackson