Grace Is Conditional

Some cannot comprehend that the grace of God is compatible with works. They surmise that if salvation is by the grace of God, it cannot be by works. On the contrary, salvation is both by grace and works. These works are not works of human merit or works of the law of Moses, but they are works of righteousness (Acts 10:35) which are the conditions God established for man to obey. God extends His grace upon certain conditions.

Suppose a particular rich man tells a young friend that he will give him a million dollars if he would name his first child after him. If and when his friendmeets the condition, will he actually earn the million dollars? No! One does notearn a million dollars simply by naming a child after someone. It was a gift; he simply received the gift by meeting the conditions. So it is with the grace of God. To receive the grace of God: obey the Gospel, and work the works of righteousness.

Author Unknown