Faith without works is withered and dead (James 2:26).
Faith without works only gives rebels dread (James 2:19).
Faith without hope offers trembling despair (Acts 24:25).
Faith without courage is fruitless and bare (James 2:26).
Faith with obedience is active and strong (James 2:18).
Faith joined with works changes sigh to a song (John 14:1).
Faith that looks upward and asks for God’s Will (Acts 9:6).
Faith now submissive to that will will fulfil (Acts 18:8).
Faith is companion to hope and to love (I Thessalonians 1:3).
Faith loathes to be lonely, asks help from above (Acts 9:11).
Faith’s heart-throbs make handclasps in fellowship true (James 2:22).
Faith, hope and love faithfully see the task through (I Corinthians 13:13).

Author Unknown