Four Brief Rules for Bible Study

1. Read it Through — Read a passage of Scripture, look up the meaning of words that are unfamiliar, search for other verses which contain similar key words.

2. Write it Down — Take a sheet of notebook paper and write the book, chapter, and verse numbers at the top, then make a list of those words you looked up or write out phrases you would like to study further. Write down your notes from your study next to the words or phrases. Keep your notes in a notebook or folder and you will eventually have a nice set of study notes that you will go back to with further study to add to them.

3. Live it Out — Put the principles you are learning from your study into practice.

4. Pass it On — Tell others about what you have learned. Ask them what their ideas are about some of the words and phrases you have been studying. This is a great way to increase your own understanding.

Author Unknown